Encouraging awareness,
Supporting change

Encouraging awareness,
Supporting change

How Potentials Came To Be

I was so busy in 2019 through March of 2020 that there were a couple of months that I was home for one- and one-half days in the whole month. I was flying all over the country, working with various congregations and organizations on a variety of initiatives. When the pandemic caused the world to shut down, I joked that my wings had been clipped. Ironically, my workload quadrupled. Seriously. The world was in turmoil, never to be the same again. Individuals, organizations, congregations, and especially first responders needed support.

Our Mission, Our Vision

Our mission is to work alongside you, encouraging awareness, supporting
crucial and innovative change towards achieving your goals.

Our vision is to empower thoughtful, creative people and systems towards
sustainable change, making a difference in the world for the good of the whole.


Congregations and organizations progress through their own developmental life cycles. There are predictable periods of growth, realignment, outreach, in-reach and so forth. Each developmental shift brings its own challenges: communication, visioning, mission, focus, etc. Internal strife and power struggles can surface for any number of reasons. Systemic shifts can also present real or perceived “power vortices”. Not managed well, these set the stage for divisive bids for power, hurt feelings, angry interchanges, and attrition within the congregation and/or staff.


ICF Credentialing

Our training programs have been designed to meet all the ICF standards and requirements for Level I and Level II training programs.

All modules are designed to meet ICF standards and requirements for CCEUS.


At Potentials, our coaches meet you where you are and accompany you to meet your goals. Different from therapy, a coach meets you in the moment and helps you move forward to make your dreams and visions a reality. The majority of our coaches are certified members of the International Coaching Federation at the PCC level. We are all committed to ICF certification and our work is grounded in ICF Core Competencies. We all share a deep commitment to personal and professional growth and learning. Want to learn more about coaching? Click here.



The Potentials Coaching and Consulting team is committed to working alongside you, your organization and/or congregation as you seek to achieve your goals, create sustainable change and make a meaningful difference in the world.

We offer a wide range of relevant topics, training and programs, in a variety of formats. Consequently, there are many options available to structure a process by which we can meet the needs of your unique setting and situation.

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