Meet Chad Delaney, M.Div, PCC

A Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with International Coaching Federation, Chad is a compassionate listener who has a passion for accompanying people along their journeys of discernment and discovery. As an ordained pastor in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for 17 years, he has served two congregations and has experience working with entrepreneurs, young adults, church planters, pastors, couples, and small groups. Chad currently serves on the Board of Health of the Portage County Health District and the General Board of the Christian Church (DOC).

More about Chad
While growing up, I had several wonderful examples of life-long learners. My grandmother was always reading a book and wanting to discuss poetry, sacred texts, and theology. My mother went back to school in her 50s to pursue becoming a pastor. I have always admired their hunger for knowledge and their taking action to pursue it. With these women (and many others) as inspiration, I have dedicated time and energy to pursue different interests. To name just a few, I have enjoyed learning about stargazing, astronomy, physics, cryptocurrency, NFTs, martial arts, cycling, and gardening. Staying curious, embracing new experiences, and learning about new things will always be important to me!

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