Potentials' Approach To Consulting

The professionals on the Potentials team provide a deep bench. We are consultants who have both experience and training in the areas of conflict transformation, organizational systems, human development, consolidation, strategic reorganization, visioning and revitalization. We believe strongly in supporting the creation of healthy systems, empowering them to identify, articulate and accomplish their goals. We approach any of the work we do with the following philosophy: “If we are doing our work well, we are working ourselves out of a job.”

We are primarily a team of professionally trained coaches with membership in the International Coaching Federation. Most are Professional Certified Coaches, and many of us are ordained ministers who have served both UCC, UUA, DOC, Lutheran and Presbyterian congregations throughout the country.

Every system has its own wisdom, culture, personality, and organizational infrastructure. Not unlike human beings, they are uniquely made. There are many options from which we can mix and match to structure a process to meet the needs of your unique organization. When there is a rationale for one option over another, we will share that, helping to shape the process.


It is important to note that the work that we do is not “one size fits all”.

The first task for the consultant is to meet, learn from and plan with one to three point people in leadership, who will:

~ be “boots on the ground” for the process, and

~ have a mature overview and assessment of the situation.

It is best if these point persons are committed to putting the well-being of the whole before their own personal needs or beliefs while being willing to share the latter.

Early Introductions

There is a strong argument to be made for having any consultant with whom you intend to work come on site to meet and work with as many members of the organization as possible, early in the consultation process. This allows for every neurolinguistic learning type to develop an understanding of (and hopefully, appreciation for) the “outsider”, who will be working from within their system.

Thinking most comprehensively and efficiently, the introduction is best accomplished when the consultant participates in leading worship or facilitates a workshop, to set the tone for the work. A general announcement and invitation to all currently and formerly involved members is encouraged.

Submitting a Proposal

When we submit a proposal to you for the work we might do together, it will:

~ be based on conversations with you in which we hear the hopes, dreams and critical needs of your members, leadership, and stakeholders

~ include a joint understanding of what measures of success will look like, from your perspective

~ have determined which member(s) of our team best meet your developmental/stage-specific needs

~ verify that you feel called to work with us, and we feel called to serve with you

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