Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching begins and stays centered on you and what you want to accomplish, both as an overall goal and in each individual session. In a one-on-one coaching relationship, the coach holds the client with unconditional positive regard. With that as a cornerstone, we work together to establish goals and a path to achieving them. Each session provides time to check on progress and address emerging issues. Coaching may focus on work, professional goals, vocational discernment and/or relational dynamics between leaders and their constituents within the work setting. Individual coaching may also address the individual’s family dynamics or what they experience in a broader context. When an organization contracts with a Potentials coach in a third-party request, we establish clear communication boundaries, and work to identify appropriate opportunities for individual clients to explore their emerging awareness within organizational structures. The key to a successful coaching experience is the openness the individual brings to growth, insight, new meaning and joy in work and life!

Group and/or Team Coaching

Sometimes the challenges facing groups of people who work together require support in establishing a “same page” for moving forward. Potentials coaches provide the kind of engagement with teams that can: help achieve breakthroughs and establish shared goals, redefine roles and responsibilities, and work through conflict issues within teams, transforming working relationships. As with all our coaching contracts, we will work with groups to develop meaningful goals, establishing shared accountability that helps the group to move towards the goals articulated by the team. As coaches, we engage in thoughtful reflection, tailoring our efforts to fit the culture of the team. When appropriate, we invite input from stakeholders and organizational leaders.

Customized Coaching

While we work to anticipate a wide variety of coaching needs and contexts, we know that unique situations arise that may benefit from our services. In a customized package, we tailor what we offer and how we offer it best suit the needs of the client(s).

For example, a team may need to connect episodically as they work to implement a new strategic plan. A couple may seek relational coaching. A teenager may seek coaching as they work to discern a career path to explore, or what college they will attend. Leaders of two different congregations may seek coaching as their communities explore consolidation.

These examples are meant to stir your imagination: what kind of coaching makes sense to you, and how can Potentials support you towards discerning where you are headed and what it might take to get there?

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