“Transformational visioning that leads to effective strategic implementation is neither simple nor formulaic. There are universal principles that need to be applied thoughtfully to each unique situation. .. [A] unique understanding of the dynamics of change and systems theory enables [them] to listen carefully and adapt the principles to each setting and group with which [they] work.”

The Rev. Don Remick, SNEUCC Acting Conference Minister


Ancient sources remind us that a people without vision perish. A clear sense of vision is essential to aligning strategy, goals, activities, and staffing to actualize them. Organizations without a clear sense of direction often find themselves in cycles of conflict. Those conflicts make it difficult to imagine a way forward, to see the possibilities that can guide the direction and energies of an institution. A vision doesn’t just provide direction; it also inspires. It is what brings people together towards maximizing the potentials of an organization. Using a reflective and rigorous process, we will accompany and support you as you give shape to your dreams for your organization, community, or congregation. Vision is more than wishful thinking: it is what drives the mission towards success!


“Vita” is the Latin term for life. What is your source of life? What are the strategies, tools, and practices that can help your organization not just survive but truly thrive? Potentials will help you assess, prioritize and integrate the key resources for your organization to move into a new chapter of vitality and positive effect in the world.


We all wander from our mission and values at times, leaving us wondering or struggling to find the next chapter in our lives. Through Potentials’ revitalization consulting process, we will help your community and/or organization get back on track, reasserting and anchoring your vision, values and mission in the kinds of practices that inspire your employees, members, and constituents, deepening your commitments and renewing your sense of meaning and purpose.


Organizations often find that the world has changed around them in ways that their mission no longer feels relevant, while they are trying to survive the changes that buffet them on a daily basis. What are the deep needs of the community today? And what are the unique gifts your organization/congregation can bring to address and remediate those needs? We will help you do more than pivot; we will help you develop new ways of making your mission come to life, boldly reinventing yourselves for the challenges that lie ahead, transforming the ones that shaped your past.

In her book, Collective Genuis: The Art and Practice of Leading Innovation, Linda Hill, WALLACE BRETT DONHAM PROFESSOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION and faculty chair at Harvard University, a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review and recent guest (4/18/22) on Dare to Lead with Brené Brown, makes the point that it takes a special kind of leadership to facilitate a process that will yield sustained innovation. Our team members have an impressive track record in helping organizations innovate in ways that have led to sustainable change and a culture of innovation.

Strategic Reorganization

When was your organization formed, and what are some of the things the founders hoped to accomplish? As you think about your context today: What is different? How has your organization adapted to meet changing needs? Sometimes the issues are more than just a new strategic plan; sometimes they are structural. Our consultants can work with you to design a new structure to better address those needs and accomplish your goals. Using a process that most resembles the Bridges model for supporting transformation (Bridges Transition Model) we will tailor our support to helping your organization discover the best and most productive it can be, towards a sustainable and productive future.

Staffing Patterns

Jim Collins, author of Good to Great,, is credited with the idea of getting the right people in the right seats on the bus. So how well is your bus “seated”? From job descriptions to reporting structures to annual reviews, we will work with you to assess your current staffing structure, and needs, and help you develop a model that will increase satisfaction among employees, efficiencies for the organization, and service to your communities.

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