Meet Claire Bamberg, D.Min, LMFT, PCC

An ordained minister, licensed mental health professional, certified mediator, professional certified coach (PCC, ICF), a systems and developmental theory expert, and consultant, Claire has worked with businesses, congregations, corporate structures, and individuals, internationally and domestically. Whether supporting a structural reorganization, teaching pastoral skills in a seminary, serving as the Executive Director of a nonprofit, or providing professional coaching support to executives, pastors, groups and teams, Claire loves facilitating growth and change towards new awareness, innovation, new beginnings and leadership development. Her work focuses on congregational consolidations [link here], vitality initiatives, conflict transformation, structural and strategic planning, and training the next generation of skilled professional coaches.

More about Claire: As the oldest of four, I have always been dedicated to helping others grow. Whether teaching my brother how to tie his shoes, teaching a client to see their narrative differently, empowering students, coaching individual clients, working with teams within organizations or congregations, my guide is to support towards growth. I started telling people I was going to be a minister at age 12, and I was right. In college, at lunch with my mother and her first employer, Maggie Hayton told me that I was going into psychology and she was right, eventually melding the two. I worked in our family business, and held just about every position over the six years that I worked there, learning about organizational systems from the inside out.

Still yet to do: Dedicate a week to staying in community on Iona; visit Bamberg, Germany; travel the Rhône on a Viking tour; go to Alaska in July; have all my family at our home for a major holiday ~ and I do mean all eight children, partners, spouses, and our two youngest members; walk our land with our grandsons, one at a time.

Things I love: walking in the rain, sitting lakeside, a good meal with someone I love, a good book in front of a fire, a sunset, a summer night on our deck, night sounds, chuckles and deep laughter, and food from our garden; helping people see their way clear towards their deepest dreams, realizing potentials.

Fun things I have done: Competed nationally in archery, recorded Bach cantatas with a chamber choir, touring New England, singing with a female close-harmony group of 12; stayed connected with friends I made when I was three years old, attended the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh twice – to watch my son and his wife perform.

Favorite accomplishments: Made a queen-sized quilt (double axe-head) using fabric that documented my entire life, raising children and watching them grow into their own as productive contributors to the quality of life for all they touch, playing with our grandsons and eliciting belly-laughs (and snuggles).

Guiding Philosophy: Life is not about what you accomplish, it is about who you become.

My motto: Be more curious than certain about what you think you know.

You are an amazingly intelligent, caring, and hardworking lady whose work I very much admire. – Pam D., Moderator
Having Claire as an instructor for ACC and PCC in the Clergy Coaching program was invaluable to me. She not only has great experience and expertise; her instruction was exceptional. She utilized a variety of teaching methods (written, discussion, and practice) so that learners of all kinds would flourish. I learned more than I thought possible with her. – Rev. Judith Cooke, PCC
Claire is extraordinary. You’ll find this out for yourself when you talk with her. She cares deeply about using her professional expertise to help you and your team understand and then work to resolve whatever issues you are dealing with. She will quickly become a part of your team, not just an “outside consultant”. – Bob Taylor, COTP
Claire always spoke with deep insight into methods to deal with conversations and conflicts between individuals. Her insights extended to the proposal of appropriate social structures that promote the welfare of the organization. Claire is a careful listener and a thoughtful speaker. I highly recommend her as someone who can help deal with conflicts in other organizations. – Richard Dower, The Church of the Pilgrimage, Plymouth, Mass
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