Meet Eleanor Richardson, M.Div

Ellie Richardson (she/her/hers), M.Div., is an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ who serves churches as an intentional transitional minister, consultant and coach. Prior to ordination she served in leadership roles in several healthcare organizations. Working with individuals and groups as they grow into the fullness of who they are intended to be is a passion. She has a particular calling to walk with them through challenges of times of conflict.

Fun Stuff I’ve DoneCelebrated my 22nd birthday in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Driving cross-country in an old Ford panel van with a bed in the back, a camp stove and a map. Experienced the backroads and big cities of Italy multiple times with traveling buddies.

Visiting the village in Italy where my grandmother was born in and finding my mother’s first cousin who the family lost touch with for many years. Taking my three nieces to Disney World for their 5th birthdays. It’s amazing to see Disney through the eyes of a 5-year-old! Crafting homemade liqueurs, grapa, limoncello.

Stuff I LoveWatching my nieces grow up and now watching their kids grow into fabulous people. Cooking dinner with friends then sharing the evening eating, drinking good wine and having a lot of  laughs and great conversation. Traveling to Italy any time. Kayaking, floating on the water, and “being” just a tiny speck in the universe. Seeing people discover who they are truly meant to be and trusting that it is true.

Digging in the dirt; it’s the best therapy there is, then nurturing the veggies and canning them in the fall. Harvesting grapes in a dear friend’s vineyard late September/early October.

Still Yet To Do – Take the training to assist with natural disaster relief. Travel to Sicily, Sardinia and the “boot” of Italy. 

Favorite AccomplishmentsAll the times I’ve worked with a church or organization as they created a vision for their future. All the amazing work we did at NSMIC over eighteen years, serving patients, their families, physicians and each other. Three medical relief missions to Ukraine, delivering supplies and equipment to hospitals throughout the country, and making lifelong friends who housed us in their homes and protected us during turbulent times.

Guiding Philosophy – “A tree gives glory to God by being a tree.” Thomas Merton from New Seeds of Contemplation.

Motto – Show up, tell the truth, then let it all go.

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