Meet Matthew Bamberg-Johnson

As an Actor, Director, Educator, and Manager, Matthew applies coach approach to a wide range of creative and professional fields. Whether guiding a student in a nascent interest or providing feedback for a direct report, coaching has provided incredible opportunities for leaders and educators to engender trust and improve performance. Now he’s eager to pass those practices along to others who can benefit themselves and use them as tools to help their peers and employees.

More about Matthew:
In addition to my work as an educator and a coach, I run an Immersive entertainment company with my wife and our artistic partner, dedicated to creating 360-degree storytelling in unexpected places. Audiences engage in participatory storytelling, where, like coaching, they can make choices to shape the outcome of their entertainment experience.

Fun Stuff I’ve Done: I’ve performed (Twice) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, sky dived, traveled to the top of the highest mountain in Europe, rebuilt a deck from scratch with a group of friends, and marched in the Rose Bowl Parade.

Stuff I Love: A night of music and board games with good friends. Traveling some place new. A meal recommended by someone else. Connecting with someone new, collaborative problem solving.

Still Yet to Do: Learn to play more than 3 chords on the guitar, learn to speak Spanish conversantly and use both skills on a trip to explore, travel to more national parks.

Favorite Accomplishments:
Inspiring others to try new things- whether acting, learning about performance history and theory, or doing something they’ve always dreamed about but never thought they could.

Guiding Philosophy:

My Motto: “Ever tried, ever failed. Fail. Fail again. Fail Better.” -Samuel Beckett

Matthew Bamberg-Johnson

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