Meet Trace Haythorn, Ph.D, PCC

A passionate executive coach (ICF PCC), public speaker, workshop facilitator, and community networker, Trace loves working with C suite leaders; young people exploring their sense of meaning, purpose, and direction; and clergy/nonprofit leaders. He is an experienced nonprofit executive in academic, social service, and religious contexts as a teacher, leader, fundraiser, pastor, chaplain, and administrator. A seven on the Enneagram, his strengths include strategic planning, organizational realignment/redevelopment, community service, revenue diversification, budget prioritization, social enterprise development, support/nurture professional development of staff, diversity/inclusion strategies, and conflict mediation. Trace is a Certified Presence-Based Coach formed in the servant leadership model of Robert Greenleaf, committed to the ideals of Jim Collins’ “Good to Great”, Gene Sharp’s theory of nonviolent resistance, and Otto Scharmer’s “Theory U”. He is deeply committed to his family and all they represent in the world.

More about Trace:
By the time I graduated from college, I declared eight different majors. It wasn’t that I was indecisive – it was that I was just so curious and interested about so many things! I graduated in four years with a double major in psychology and business administration with minors in religion and music. Quite simply, I love the liberal arts, and especially the ways they serve leaders who are eager to grow, deepen their sense of purpose, and help make the world more just, fair, beautiful, and fun.

Fun Stuff I’ve Done: Hiked the trail to Machu Pichu with dear friends from Australia and my partner; traveled to 49 states (Idaho, we’ve got to schedule some time together!); taken courses in “voice-over” techniques; brewed lots of ale, porter, and stout in our guest bedroom; exercised for 903 days in a row (until I got COVID – I so wanted to break 1000!).

Stuff I Love: Hearing a friend or a loved one laugh (especially if I help evoke it); seeing my colleagues and clients soar in their dreams and goals; bask in the beauty of music, whether it’s Morton Lauridsen, U2, Keith Jarrett or the Chicks; reading a novel that changes the way I see the world; driving with the windows down and the music cranked.

Still Yet to Do: Visit Russia and China; retire; learn to play Pickleball; touch one of Earth’s poles.

Favorite Accomplishments: Becoming a Presence-Based Coach; completing a Ph.D.; buying an e-bike; serving congregations, nonprofits, foundations, and associations, all before I was 50.

Guiding Philosophy: Whenever you find yourself stuck in a false binary – i.e. an either/or with no satisfying way forward – listen for the third transcendent option. There is almost always another way forward.

My Motto: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

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